Matthew 22; 37-40

The best part of reading the Bible is that everything you need is right there. Its amazing some of the stories you read and had no idea they were even in the bible. Take for instance Judges Chapter 19. I will let you pursue reading that story on your own, since it is one of the darkest times in Israels history, there are not very many positive things that come from it. Still we have to keep in mind that everything is put in the Bible for a reason. The Bible is totally inerrant, so even evil stories such as the one in Judges is there for a purpose. Then you have books like Matthew where Jesus does a lot of talking and it is so refreshing to hear the words of how we should live our lives coming right from Jesus himself. In these chapters Jesus is telling his disciples what the greatest commandment is. When being asked by a lawyer in Chapter 22 what the greatest commandment is Jesus said this:

37. Thou Shalt Love The Lord Thy God With All Thine Heart, With All Thine Soul, And With All Thine Mind.

38. This Is The First And Great Commandment.

Is that not the most clear picture of what he wants us to do? Upon reading this, I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders, and i hope you do as well.  Now I know what my single most important thing in my life needs to be. Along with the 10 commandments, this is something i will keep in my head everyday as I go about my everyday routine. I cant help but feel so much love from the God that gave me a chance to live an eternal life. The next part comes a little bit harder for me. Especially when it comes to people who do not follow the Lord. It says:

39. And The Second Is Like Unto This, Thou Shalt Love Their Neighbor As Thyself.

40. Upon These Two Commandments  Hangeth The Whole Law And The Prophets.

If you are guilty of NOT doing this… well you are definitely NOT alone! I struggle each day with how to love my neighbor as myself. That means I will have to put me, myself and I aside while I find a way to exalt someone else. I know this can be tricky, we’ve all been there, but I think I have figured out some ways to make this a bit easier.

  1. TRY turning the topic of conversation to them. Its actually very rewarding when you are making someone else feel more important that you want to feel.
  2. DO something to make a person smile. Buy their lunch, or even just a coffee. Maybe you give up your seat for them or even just saying kind words will make anyone’s day.
  3.  PRAY about your feelings towards that person or people. You would be amazed at how many times I have spent my nights in prayer and God answered them. He will hear you, you just have to talk.

Remember that when we open up to God about everything we have going on it does a few things; it will strengthen your relationship with your Heavenly Father tremendously, and it will also take a huge weight off your shoulders. You will feel so free once you’ve given your deepest darkest secrets and regrets to God. The fact that the greatest Commandment is to love the Lord God with all you have is gong to be easy compared to the alternative of loving yourself. We will always let us down and we will always fail, BUT the best news of all is that we have a God full of Love and Salvation. He sent his one and only son to die for US and OUR SINS. Isn’t that the best new of all? With that being said don’t keep this good news all to yourselves. Go out and love your neighbor and tell them that they have a savior who wants a relationship that will never fail with them. Don’t let someone you know go down the wrong path if you can give them the answer, Jesus.

Closing Prayer,

Heavenly Father i pray tonight to thank you for this opportunity that i have to spread your word with others. I am willing to love you with all my heart, soul and mind. I pray for anyone reading this that they would love you with all their heart, soul and mind. There are times that are hard , like loving others before ourselves, but Lord will you give us all the strength to do so? Will you show us through your word different ways we can effect others in a loving way? We know that its our nature be be sinners and we pray that you would forgive us and give us the Holy Spirit to guide us through our lives. We love you Lord and we thank you for our blessings, we pray this in Jesus name,



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